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How To Prepare Before Your Power Is Disconnected

Here are a few key items that could make the inconvenience of having your power off a little more tolerable while we make your repairs.How to prepare before your power is disconnected

  1. Once notified that a service technician is on his way you, will need to call your electric service provider IE: Reliant Energy, Stream Energy, TXU; not CenterPoint for a temporary service disconnect.
  2. Have flashlights ready.
  3. Make provisions for those staying at home.
  4. Keep cell phones charged.
  5. Power down and unplug sensitive electrical equipment such as computers, printers, televisions, and audio equipment.  When the power comes back on, there may be power spikes that can damage delicate electronics. Keeping these items plugged in to surge protector helps, but it is still best to unplug these items from the wall completely.
  6. Do not open refrigerators or freezers any more than necessary.
  7. Notify your power company in advance if you use special healthcare equipment like oxygen generators or dialysis equipment that require power. Most power companies have the ability to note this and prioritize the response to your home repair.
  8. Once the repairs have been completed, your technician will ask you to call your service provider to request a reconnection of power.

After Power is Restored

  1. When the lights come back on, the first thing to do is inspect your freezer and refrigerator carefully.
  2. After the technician has checked the voltages, plug back in all of your items and your good to go.