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10 Energy Saving Tips

10 energy saving tips

  1. Switch your light bulbs to LEDs.
  2. Don’t leave the refrigerator open longer than necessary.
  3. Control your light fixtures with a timer or photocell, to ensure they are only on when needed.
  4. Control your exterior security floodlights with motion sensors, to ensure it is only used when needed.
  5. Don’t leave your mobile phone plugged in overnight. Mobile Phones typically full charge in a few hours. USB outlets remove this need while saving energy.
  6. Dust off light fixtures regularly. Large coats of dust can reduce light output significantly.
  7. Install a dimmer switch to save energy on light output.
  8. Wash clothes at a lower temperature to reduce electricity use.
  9. Turn off lights and electronics when leaving a room.
  10. Only plug in laptop and other chargers when needed and in use.