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Picture of Different Electrical Sources

Type of Electrical Sources

What powers your home? From your entertainment center to your refrigerator, from your home heating and cooling systems to your electric car, you are using a ton of energy, but what keeps these technologies running? Are your energy sources environmentally friendly? Is there a better option suited for your energy consumption habits?

It can all be very overwhelming to try and figure out which energy source you should use to power your home or business. That’s why, we here at Electrical Doctor are going to breakdown the different energy sources and how each differs, so you can both understand and make an informed decision on how to power your home or business.

Solar Energy

Solar power is rising in popularity. It is the fastest-growing energy source, as we are entering a more environmentally conscious era, and it is the most environmentally friendly power source to date. As solar energy does not release pollutants into our atmosphere, it leaves an exceedingly small carbon footprint.

If your top priority is the environment, this is the energy source for you. By installing solar panels on the roof of your residential or commercial building, you’ll be able to power your entire home or business through harnessing sunlight! Here is how solar panels actually work.

Why are solar panels placed on roofs? So they can be exposed to as much sunlight as possible. This is imperative, as they absorb sunlight with photovoltaic cells that generate direct current energy. This energy is then converted into usable alternating current energy, which powers your home. Any excess energy that your solar panels generate will be fed back into the electrical grid.

On average, there are 206 sunny days here in Pasadena, Texas, making solar panels an ideal option for powering your property. Not to mention, it is the cleanest energy source to fuel your home or business!

Wind Energy

Wind energy used to be the trendy new thing… that was hundreds of years ago; however, just because it is no longer at the forefront of solar panel technology does not mean it isn’t still relevant and widespread. How do wind turbines produce power?

Wind turbines have a simplistic operational process that uses kinetic energy to produce energy. Energy is created when the natural winds hit the propellors, turning them around the rotor, which is connected through the base of the windmill, to a generator that churns out electricity.

Wind turbines can connect to the traditional power grid and allocate energy to your home or business. What happens when it is not windy? The grid will supply traditional electricity to your home.

Geothermal Energy

From the name itself—“geothermal energy”—you can guess that this power is sourced from the earth! And, you would be assuming right! Geothermal energy comes from deep beneath the surface of the Earth, where the natural temperatures of Earth are harnessed and used to create geothermal power to provide heating and cooling capabilities to your home. How is this energy created?

Underground pipes circulate liquid, warmed by Earth, which travels through a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger then harvests and creates energy to heat or cool a home or business.

Fossil Fuels

Gas, oil, and coal—the fossil fuel trifecta. These three energy sources need to be burned to produce energy. However, when gas, oil, and coal are burned, they don’t just release heat and energy—they release carbon monoxide into the atmosphere.

Fossil fuels, as pollutants, are not an environmentally conscious energy source. Yet, they are still the most popular power-producing agent throughout the world. Why? They are the easiest and cheapest way to produce energy.

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