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New Year, New Construction

You’ve bought the office space, you’ve picked company colors, and you’ve just purchased all of the new business furniture. Your neon sign that will hang over your check-in desk is ready to be mounted, and the television monitors you found on sale are leaning against your office wall waiting to stream your brand logo.

But, what do you need to make all of this—your vision—come to life? An electrical system. Electrical systems are the backbone of any commercial space; yet, they tend to be low on the totem pole of things you get excited about. And we get it, not everyone is going to be as enthusiastic and passionate about installing lighting and setting up wiring networks as we are here at Electrical Doctor; however, we think we can get you pretty pumped about our commercial electrical services.

Here’s what we do.

Setting Up Your Electrical System

The last thing you want at your grande opening is an electrical fire, or for a potential customer to get electrocuted. Poor wiring not only poses threats of malfunction and, but it can also harm your clientele. Whether you are renovating a space or starting from scratch with a brand new build, hire a professional electrician to assess or install your wiring.

If you are remodeling a space, rather than building it from the ground up, we will perform a safety inspection and a code inspection to ensure your business is protected from damaged or inadequate wiring. Your electrical panel will also need a check-up. If the property is older, you have fuses rather than circuit breakers, or you see that your system looks corroded—you’ll need a panel upgrade.

Making Your Electrical System Invisible

Hate seeing wires running along the floor, up walls, and across ceilings? We can embed your wiring into your walls. This will de-clutter your space, making it aesthetically appealing while ensuring everyone who enters your building can’t trip over, or be shocked by, exposed wiring.

Creating A Functional Space

Electrical design in your new business space is key. From where you place outlets to where you install lighting, your electrical configuration will impact how your business runs. Increase your business’s productivity by working with a professional to design your electrical systems.

Highlighting Your Space

Lighting plays an essential role in how people perceive and interact with your business. Whether you install funky fixtures or recessed lighting, highlight architectural aspects of your property or maintain bright lighting throughout your space, have warm tones or cool tones—it all affects the feelings you provoke in your clients when they enter your space.

We have the technical skills to achieve whatever mood you desire. Contact Electrical Doctor for professional lighting design.

Making Your Space Safe

Installing surge protection will prevent overloaded circuits, guarding your appliances and technology against sudden breakdowns. A surge protector will intervene when excess power is detected, and flip your circuit to avoid damage. From electrical storms to internal surges, with surge protection, your property will be defended.

Optimize your new business with Electrical Doctor. Contact us, at (713) 999-6079, for your electrical system upgrade or installation.