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Doctor Home Experts offer services in Pasadena, TX for generator installation services. Our company has a team of trustworthy technicians passionate about helping you install a new generator and answering any questions you may have.

We use the latest technology to efficiently and properly install the generator and guarantee customer satisfaction with a 10-year warranty. In addition, our customer service will help you schedule 24/7, same-day, or after-hours service and answer any concerns you have.

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What Does a Generator Do?

A generator will help give electricity power when a power outage occurs. A generator will turn on automatically after the power goes out to help you have running electricity for the time being. When electricity isn’t working, it can be stressful to charge your phone, have light to see your surroundings, etc.

Most backup generators are installed inside your home and are about the size of an AC unit. Depending on your budget and preferences, the generators will have automatic sensors that can detect if an outage has occurred and will shut off once the power turns back on.

Types of Generators

Installing generators is an intelligent choice in case of emergencies. It will help keep your house running smoothly, and you won’t have to worry about your fridge and other appliances. At Doctor Home Experts, we offer different types of generators for you to consider.

Types of generators:

  • Industrial
  • Propane
  • Standby
  • Whole-house
  • Backup power
  • Commercial
  • Gas
  • Diesel
  • Portable
  • Dual-fuel
  • Coleman
  • 3phase
  • Generac

Our technicians can help you choose the best one that fits your needs and price. Some generators may require refueling or a manual switch. It would be best to select the type of generator that is simpler and more efficient for you.

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Generator Repair

If you don’t maintain a generator, it can malfunction and require repairs. Watch out for signs that your generator may need repairing and have a professional fix it as soon as possible for emergencies.

Warning signs for repair:

  • Overheating or emitting smoke
  • Not starting
  • Inconsistent operation
  • Exposed to moisture or water for an extended time
  • Not supplying electricity
  • Rusting or visible rotting connections

We have multiple options and generators available for residential and commercial properties. Some generators will operate differently based on the type you choose. Hire a company that will provide you with the best choices for the generator you need.

For example, portable generators will need a manual switch to start and have gas to work correctly. A whole house automatic generator will automatically turn on or off or operate remotely.

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