Prepping for the Perfect Backyard BBQ Involves Preparing for Energy Use

Upgrades that Get the Backyard Ready to Party

Everybody loves a good outdoor get-together. Whether for grilling or an ice cream party, summer and the Independence Day holiday are both valid excuses for entertaining guests. Any weekend can feel like a party weekend if a homeowner has their backyard set up to make having people over an easy task. Every Texas homeowner should consider a few additions to their outdoor living space this summer.

Strategically Placed Outdoor Lighting

While most people love a beautiful starry night, it can be impossible to converse in darkness. Having lights placed in certain areas of the yard can help guests find their footing and make the party last a bit longer. Here are a few of the lighting types that go well in an outdoor setting:

  • Landscape Lighting: This type of lighting is exemplified by the solar lamps often used to line flower beds and stone paths. One can use them for practical and aesthetic reasons, such as lighting a footpath or highlighting a particular specimen or ornament in the garden.
  • String Lighting: With the invention of the light-emitting diode or LED, string lights have become even more popular than they were before. The efficiency of these bulbs makes them appealing as an energy-saving alternative to the traditional filament lights, which create more heat and do not burn as brightly.
  • Patio Lighting: Having a fan to move the air around on a porch or patio is great; a light kit is just a bonus. Using string lights and push-on button lights can be great additions as well.

Consider Investing in a Generatorgenerator

While power outages are rare in this part of the world, even a well-designed infrastructure can collapse if overtaxed. The occasional brownout has happened as the summer heats up and people run their air conditioning systems.
A generator may be a good purchase if a homeowner wants to ensure the comfort of their household. It keeps the lights on, and the HVAC unit running and preserves the food in the refrigerator and freezer, saving the family from an emergency grocery trip. 


Just Add Water for Maximum Fun with Pools and Hot Tubs

Perhaps a homeowner is considering an additional upgrade, like an in-ground pool or a hot tub. This upgrade comes with the “if you build it, they will come” package. Pools and hot tubs are great for entertaining guests of all ages and add significant value to a home. It may be just a house’s advantage to get the proper curb appeal in the current housing market.
Unfortunately, pools and hot tubs can also be dangerous, especially regarding electricity. Here are the main reasons to have a professional electrician wire up anything involved with pools or hot tubs:

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