Spring Cleaning Your House? Start With the Air Ducts

All About Air Duct Cleaning

Spring cleaning isn’t just about removing old, unwanted stuff around the house. For some, a thorough cleaning that involves even the areas of the house that don’t often get any attention may be beneficial, especially if this kind of deep cleaning is only conducted once a year. With this in mind, homeowners may consider putting their air ducts on a list of things to clean just in time for spring.

Importance of Cleaning Dirty Ducts

ductEverything gets dirty over time and eventually needs to be cleaned. Air ducts are no exception. During everyday use, air ducts gather dust and other particles, accumulating on surfaces and affecting airflow throughout the house. For this reason, homeowners may consider getting air duct cleaning services.

There are many benefits to this. Aside from the fact that fewer dust particles in the air ducts improve airflow efficiency, it also makes the living environment cleaner and more comfortable to breathe in by reducing allergens, eliminating contaminants, and removing bad odors. A clean air duct also helps HVAC systems run more efficiently, lowering energy costs, while homeowners who may have pest problems may be able to keep pests in check by eliminating spaces for them to live and thrive through air duct cleaning.

Signs That Duct Cleaning is Necessary

Dirty air ducts usually don’t come to mind when thinking about thorough spring cleaning, but homeowners who observe the following signs in their homes may want to consider it a necessity:

  • Vents clogged with debris – hair and other particles may be stopping up vents around the house, indicating further air blockage in the ducts.
  • Dust visibly floating in the air – dust floating in the air might mean air coming out of the ducts may be carrying the dust itself and that whatever filtration system is in place is no longer working to remove this debris from the air.
  • Dirty air filters – Dirty filters may mean that the air flowing in the house and in the ducts may be dirty and that duct cleaning may improve a home’s air quality. It would be good to change air filters regularly, especially during winter and summer, when HVAC systems typically run more often. Replacing filters at least once every 90 days is considered good practice.
  • The odor that won’t go away – persistent odors in the home may indicate that dirty air ducts retain unwanted smells that won’t go away with regular cleaning or spraying deodorizers.

How to Keep Air Ducts Clean

ductsThere are simple maintenance tasks that homeowners can do themselves to keep their air ducts clean, while professionals best perform other maintenance work. Easy do-it-yourself air duct cleaning tasks include regular air filter replacements, low dust levels, reducing humidity indoors, and keeping vents open to create good airflow.

More intensive maintenance work, on the other hand, requires the expertise of HVAC technicians. Tasks such as cleaning out the air ducts, which are not easily accessible, require professionals and their more sophisticated equipment to complete. 

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