Planning Holiday Lights and Decor Before the Christmas Rush

Decorating Early and Keeping Electrical Safety in Mind

If a homeowner is already filled with the holiday spirit and eager to begin decorating, then there is no reason to wait. Adding piece by piece, a holiday decorator can create a display that would make the Griswold family jealous. People don’t need to be stingy with their Christmas lights; they just need to place them strategically and safely. This article will detail strategies for types of lights, decorating safely, and saving money and the planet through green decorating choices.  

Choosing Which Type of Lights and Christmas Yard Decor to Uselights

A wide variety of lighting choices and Christmas yard decor are available. A person can buy on a strict, small budget and have lovely twinkling lights or spend a small fortune covering their yard with a plethora of inflatable snow globes or caroling snowmen. Types of decoration depend on each household’s taste and budget, from classic icicle lights to giant bulbs hanging in the trees. Whimsical or sophisticated, holiday decorators can find something for everyone in their homes.




Electrical Safety Strategies

When working with lots of cords, plugs, and electrical wiring, there are many opportunities for injury and property damage. Safety should be a priority over aesthetics every single time. Below are a few ways to ensure family and guests’ safety. 

  1. Check wires and lights for damage before plugging them in
  2. Don’t overload outlets
  3. When decorating outdoors, use outdoor Christmas lights and lighting
  4. Avoid putting lights near water sources such as sprinklers or pools
  5. Use extension cords sparingly
  6. Use GFCI outlets for all outdoor receptacles
  7. Use surge protectors for indoor decorations

These strategies will keep people and property safe from shock and electrical fires.

Eco-Friendly Christmas Decor

Everyone can acknowledge that Christmas lights and other decorations use extra energy and that conservation is important for the planet. This does not mean a person should feel guilty about their holiday lights. As technology improves, lighting becomes less expensive and more efficient. There are many ways to have beautiful Christmas lights while striving to be green. This also saves money when a lot of spending is happening in other areas of the budget. Here are a few examples:

  • LED Christmas Lights: Most people nowadays are familiar with LEDs or light-emitting diodes. They use much less energy than a traditional light bulb to produce the same amount of light. They provide beautiful light and can be easily programmed to blink or change colors to music, making for a lovely display. 
  • Solar Christmas Lights: Going solar is another excellent and ecologically friendly choice. There are many solar yard lights, and seasonal selections are also available. 
  • Battery-Operated Christmas Lights: If the solar lights don’t fit the homeowner’s wants, they can still avoid using electricity from their home. Battery-powered lights with a battery pack and a switch may be the perfect solution.

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