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Three Tips to Save a Pot of Gold for St. Patrick’s Day 

St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect day to celebrate those with heritage from the Emerald Isle. To commemorate this day, everyone bedecks themselves in green, representing the eponymous saint. In popular culture, the color green has also taken on extra meaning, and it never hurts to reflect on ways to go green during this time of year. 

Consequently, going green can also call to mind another St. Patrick’s Day icon, the leprechaun with a pot of gold. Going green isn’t just a style; it is a great way to save money on monthly bills all year long. This year, take a moment amidst all that green and think of ways to reduce bills and energy usage. Here are three recommendations from local experts to help get everyone started. 

Use the Ceiling Fans 

fanEnergy bills affect most homes from at least two sources, electricity for lighting and natural gas for heating. The first recommendation on the list can help reduce these bills with one simple change. 

Most homes are already equipped with ceiling fans in the most occupied rooms. If not, installing ceiling fans to help lower energy bills can be worth the cost. The main problem with ceiling fans is that they aren’t properly utilized for energy savings. To maximize savings, ensure the fan turns counterclockwise in the winter and clockwise in the summer. This helps distribute conditioned air that pools near the ceiling making the room more comfortable for virtually no cost since fans are cheap to operate. 

Turn Off Lights and Use Natural Light Instead 

lightWith the abundance of lighting in homes, it can be easy to forget that natural lighting is free simply because it isn’t quite as convenient as flipping a switch. However, designing routines and workspaces around natural lighting can greatly reduce energy usage, and it’s as simple as changing some habits. To decrease energy usage and increase the natural lighting in the home, try things like: 

  • Turn off lights when not in use
  • Put appliances on powerstrips so they can be turned off to stop vampiric loads
  • Open the curtains
  • Trim trees and shrubs that block natural light 

As a bonus, flooding the home with natural light in the winter helps stave off the winter blues and provides free passive heating, further reducing energy bills. 

Make the Switch to LED Lights 

Lighting is a big portion of monthly electric bills, so reducing energy in that one place can save a lot of money. To supercharge savings from the strategies listed above, switch to LED lights.

While most people have phased out incandescent bulbs, many still use CFLs or fluorescent lights. The truth is, LED lights are vastly superior to both of these for several reasons:

  1. They use less energy than any other style of light
  2. They last longer
  3. They provide the exact spectrum of light needed to make a home feel cozy

Spending a little money this spring will earn that back quickly, so consider upgrading now. 

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