Get Through the Cold, Dry Season With a Whole House Humidifier

3 Ways Humidifiers Can Benefit Every Household This Winter

Summers in Southeast Texas is notoriously hot and muggy, but the air can get uncomfortably dry and harsh when winter rolls around. This is because the colder air gets, the less moisture it can hold in water vapor. Then, when the home’s heater warms up the dry air, the heating process can remove even more moisture. 

And when air’s humidity levels get low enough, it can start to have some pretty unpleasant effects – including respiratory issues, dry, itchy skin, and even damage to indoor plants. Fortunately, homeowners can help prevent these problems and stay comfy all winter with the help of a humidifier. Keep reading to learn how humidifiers can improve indoor air quality and keep the usual winter woes at bay!

Benefits of Respiratory Health

benefitJust as too much humidity can reduce indoor air quality by encouraging mold growth and bacterial propagation, too little humidity can be dangerous in its own right. Dry air leeches moisture out of anything it contacts – including a person’s respiratory system. The nasal passages, sinuses, and throat can become chapped, resulting in coughing, chest/sinus congestion, and even nosebleeds. 

Cold, dry air can even hinder the body’s immune system. The upper respiratory system contains mucous membranes that not only keep the surrounding tissue from becoming chapped but also serve to capture harmful particles before they can enter the lungs. When these membranes become dry, it hinders the body’s ability to ward off the flu, colds, and other viruses. 

The general recommendation for preventing these issues is to keep the home’s relative humidity around 45% during the winter. Small, portable humidifiers can help with this, but they’re typically only effective for individual rooms. On the other hand, whole-home humidifiers can deliver moisture throughout the home through the existing ductwork, making them the most powerful option for maintaining a healthy indoor humidity level.

Benefits for Skincare

Ensuring that the home’s air contains adequate moisture isn’t just important for respiratory health – it’s also a vital part of everyday skincare. As the body’s biggest organ, the skin requires plenty of water to stay healthy and functional. But if it’s losing moisture to the dry winter air, it can become dried out, scaly, and tight. This can manifest in numerous ways, none of which are pleasant – chapped lips, itchy skin, flaky scalp, tightness around joints, etc. Without intervention, the skin can start to crack and bleed.

Applying lotion and lip balm can help keep dryness at bay when going out into the cold air, but there’s no reason homeowners should constantly fight against dry air in their homes. Keeping the home at a reasonable humidity level will allow the skin to repair itself and retain more moisture to look and feel great!

Protection for Houseplants

plantsAnother consequence (and telltale sign) of low humidity is dry, wilted houseplants. Plants release moisture into the air through their leaves through transpiration. The plant can lose too much water if the air is very dry, causing its leaves to wilt and dry out. To make matters worse, plants can also absorb a certain amount of moisture through their leaves, but if there’s barely any water vapor in the air, they’ll be further deprived of the water they need to produce food and oxygen.

Some houseplants, such as succulents and spider plants, do well in low humidity, but most common indoor plants require a more moisture-rich environment. So a humidifier can improve indoor air quality for every person, pet, and plant living in the home!

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