Give the Gift of Comfort With a Smart Thermostat!

Go High Tech When It’s Time to Replace the Thermostat

Though southern Texas is not known for winter weather, even this part of the country experiences a bit of a chill around this time of year. Temps are low, and energy usage is often high. Thermostats are vital to keeping the home comfortable, and adjusting them may become an issue for the whole household. Aside from wrestling for a favorite temperature, families can also find it difficult to agree on gifts to give each other. This article will solve that problem by suggesting a gift that can have something for the whole family: the smart thermostat.

Signs of a Failing Thermostat

thermostatThermostats guide the home’s HVAC system like a rudder guides the direction of a large ship. It may be a small part, but the rest of the system will not work if it malfunctions. If a homeowner is considering thermostat replacement, then they should look for signs that their thermostat is giving out. These include the following:

  • Constant turning on and off (short-cycling)
  • Constant running
  • Not coming on at all
  • Spikes or drops in temperature
  • Settings don’t work
  • Programming doesn’t work
  • Actual temperature doesn’t match the thermostat temperature

Homeowners should consult with a professional for diagnosis as some symptoms listed can be problems with other parts of the HVAC system.

Why Choose a Smart Thermostat?

So if a home needs a new thermostat installation, why should a household spend the extra bit on a smart thermostat or wifi thermostat? There are many advantages to the smart thermostat. One of the biggest reasons to choose a smart thermostat is the reduction in energy bills that usually accompany it. The thermostat learns patterns and can figure out ways to save energy for the whole household. Another reason smart thermostats are a great gift consideration is that one can access them via a smartphone app to make adjustments on the go or in anticipation of an event.

Smart Extras

saveGoing along with the benefits of smart thermostats are all the amenities that tend to come with them. Homeowners may be surprised by what they see on the following list:

  • Wifi Capability: Wifi thermostats connect to a home’s network so they can be accessed via a mobile app when the family is out and about. One can also control them via the app at home.
  • Compatible with Smart Devices: Apple and Amazon’s Alexa and Siri are often compatible with smart thermostats. They can be used to search the internet, stream music, and keep the home’s temperature constant.
  • Usage Reports: Smart thermostats keep track of energy usage and can create reports that the household can use to save money.
  • Weather Tracking: In case of storms or bad weather, the thermostat can alert the homeowner of potential problems.
  • Voice Control: Changing the temperature can be as easy as speaking.

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